About us

Our History

Império Design was born in the city of Aveiro out of the need to be able to guarantee companies success from start to finish.

Based in Porto since 2019, our team has extensive experience and knowledge of the sector, which allows us to work with world-renowned brands, including all areas of business, from stores to hotels, museums and housing.


Our architects and engineers are prepared to take on any challenge. In addition to their individual qualifications, we prioritize the training component in our company, striving to keep abreast of technological innovations that allow us to maintain the level of technical rigor required by the complexity of our work. We focus our attention on detail and the particularities of each project, guaranteeing customized solutions that fit perfectly with our clients’ requirements and expectations.

Our Team

A young and dynamic team of architects and engineers dedicated to meeting the most varied needs associated with the company’s activity. This versatility provides differentiated responses in the most diverse areas, from creativity and innovation to rigor and precision.

In addition to the versatility of technical skills, the team’s differentiating factors consist of the ability to apply a permanently critical eye to any challenge, along with the ability to converge plural and attentive visions into an integrated solution.

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