Quality control

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond the initial design and extends to Quality Control, an essential stage in ensuring that every detail meets our clients’ highest expectations. We carry out meticulous periodic inspections, closely monitoring the production of the finishing materials that will be applied on site.

This meticulous monitoring covers a variety of criteria, from sizing to the uniformity of color and tones, to the direction of the vein, among other essential elements. Our dedication to Quality Control aims to ensure not only compliance with established standards, but also aesthetic and functional consistency in each project.

The application of the dry-lay technique stands out as a valuable tool at this stage of the process. This approach offers a comprehensive view of the material that will be applied in the space, providing a perfect opportunity to identify and correct any flaws before final installation. This practice not only anticipates potential problems, but also allows for proactive adjustments to ensure perfection in the execution of the project.

By opting for our Quality Control services, you are investing in the peace of mind of knowing that every phase of the work is subjected to rigorous analysis. We are committed to ensuring not only technical compliance, but the aesthetic excellence that defines our approach. Our ultimate goal is to exceed expectations, ensuring that every project is not only well executed, but truly exceptional in every detail.

Excellence in every inspection: quality control, our permanent commitment.

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