faro Laser

The incorporation of FARO laser technology redefines excellence at every stage of our architectural process. By adopting this high-precision measuring instrument, we ensure that the survey is conducted with an unparalleled level of detail. This advanced device not only captures images, but carries out a comprehensive analysis of the space, identifying even the smallest details that could be crucial at the design stage.

In addition, FARO laser technology takes the creation of 3D models to a new level. The models generated are meticulous and offer an accurate virtual representation of the real environment. This ability to reproduce each object facilitates the design process, but also allows for a faithful and detailed replica of any element, contributing to the integrity of the project.

By choosing this technology, each project is shaped by a solid base of accurate information. This approach not only simplifies the process of applying the various materials, but also boosts efficiency, avoiding flaws in the end result.

The accuracy offered by FARO laser technology alerts us to nuances that could easily go unnoticed with conventional methods.

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